Engineer, Mobile App Developer, Creator, Maker

About Me

Software engineer with more than 14 years of experience in IT industry.

More than 11 years in mobile apps development.

Curious to know how things work and interested in making things work.

Most of my work involved different aspects mobile application development for retail clients.

Started my career with Windows Mobile development in C#.

For last few years, working exclusively in iOS.

What I love most about my work?

The possibility of transforming an idea to something a human can touch and feel.

Coding an emotion. Packing an experience. Applying artistic logic. The list goes on.

More on my professional assignments here.

Career Highlights

  • 2019: Currently working as a senior developer in the mobile application development team of American Family Insurance. Being in this team, working for Amfam, is pure bliss in the shortest words.
  • 2017: Worked as a senior developer in the enterprise mobility team for a US-based beauty chain. Prior to this, successfully completed the conceptualization and execution of an 'Audiobook' app for a beauty products manufacturer in the US.
  • 2016: Developed a robotic arm as a proof of concept, which is integrated with an automated testing framework in order to achieve a hundred percent test coverage.
  • 2015: Architected and developed the first customer-facing price check application for Nordstrom, specifically made for Puerto Rico stores.
  • 2014: Contributed to porting the mobile POS system for Nordstrom, an American upscale fashion retailer during their first international expansion.
  • 2012: Successfully led the team to develop the first version of customer-facing retail iOS application for Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the United States.
  • 2011: Joined Infosys where I had the opportunity to successfully lead the team to develop the first version of a customer-facing iOS application for Sysco, the world's largest broad-line food distributor.
  • 2009: Co-founded a mobile application development startup, 'Techions Software Labs'. This was my natural progression in the entrepreneurial journey. Learned a lot about technology as a software developer and survival as a human being. I had the wonderful opportunity to learn from and work closely with somebody whom I consider as the epitome of the word 'COMMITMENT' to this day.
  • 2008: Joined the reboot attempt of 'Avenir Computer Services' as a software developer and also as one of the first ten employees. It was here, I heard the word 'AGILE' for the first time. I was so amazed by the many brilliant minds there, who were also kind enough to be my lifelong mentors.
  • 2007: Joined 'Global Infonet Inc' as a software developer after training. The best part was being the #6 employee, partly igniting my entrepreneurial mindset. I started the development career with Windows mobile development in C#.
  • 2006: Started my career in the ITES industry as a technical support engineer for 'Iseva-e4e Systems', Bangalore, India. It was my very first exposure to the software industry and the other side of the commercial software business, which is the 'Software support'.



  • A functional prototype which leverage the flexibilty of IOT to feed real time data to enterprise systems.

  • A video streaming app that connects support team with service users to easily trouble shoot the issues.

Slip2Sleep App

The app helps you to control the pace of your breathing with a visual cue and slowly guides to a meditative state that helps to slip to sleep.

Here is an article that discuss the details about this project


Robotic Arm

A 3D printed robotic arm built on a stack of open sourced, open hardware technologies intended to automate card swiping during automated testing with Calabash.

Here is an article that discuss the details about this project


IOT Based Humidity Control

An IOT system that can: Monitor both outside temperature and inside humidity, Determine the ideal inside humidity, Capable of controlling a humidifier in order to reach the ideal inside humidity percentile.

Here is an article that discuss the details about this project


Alexa & Google assistant — 2 in 1

Google Home and Amazon echo in a single box.

Here is an article that discuss the details about this project


Bluetooth Headphone

Upgrading of a stereo headphone with Bluetooth circuit.

Here is an article that discuss the details about this project


Project Name

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